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Women in the French Revolution

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Chapter 4 Methodology In this chapter, the initial section describes approaches to data collection methods The post-search interview was designed to elicit verbal reports by asking specific questions of subjects about their decisions and judgments during the searches.

It was a. Select what you would like to search from the following options. Additional filters are available after the search field.

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Search. A change of program from the Master's program to the PhD program requires full intellectual and financial support of a UM Mechanical Engineering faculty member for the duration of the student's PhD studies (typically 4 years after Master's).

University of Michigan. Ann Arbor; Dearborn; Flint © The Regents of the University of Michigan S. State Street, Ann Arbor, MI USA; Privacy Notice +1. Review our Guide to Enrolling in Master's Thesis for further information on how to start.

Students should follow their individual program policies and procedures in .

Umich thesis search
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