Teleradiology discrepancy thesis

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Teleradiology – opportunities and challenges

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Erik R Ranschaert Frits Barneveld Binkhuysen Objectives: To obtain an overview of teleradiology usage within Europe, to evaluate the current opinion and future vision about this technique. - qiVue offers the best way to perform physican interpretation peer-review (an ACR accredidation requirement), ED discrepancy analyses and reporting, nighthawk discrepancy review, second consult discrepancy review, and technologist/imaging operator performance scoring+ connections.

QUESTION: Our hospital radiology group has hired a teleradiology company to provide preliminary readings on emergency department patients who are seen between the hours of pm and am.

These radiologic studies and preliminary reports are then reviewed by one of our radiologists the following morning, and if there is a discrepancy.

Teleradiology has turned diagnostic imaging into a commodity in an international market. The technology has also made images more readily available to clinicians, and has given rise to changes in the role of radiologists and the needs of clinicians.

Teleradiology discrepancy thesis
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