Sheep behavior

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Sheep Behaviour Facts – Get to Know The Basics

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A sheep will become highly agitated if it is separated from the group.


It is the banding together in large groups which protects sheep from predators which will go after the outliers in the flock. The behavior of sheep is likely to be a complex interaction between their genetics and the fundamentally important early life experiences with their dam, further complicated by their association with their peers, particularly around weaning, and the quality and availability of grazing.

When we purchased our first sheep, years ago, we had little knowledge of sheep behavior. Those early days and weeks of getting to know and care for our new flock of. Having an understanding of sheep behavior can greatly add to the success of the project by allowing the young person and their family to realize that the sheep reacts the way it does because of instinct.

Despite declining domestic sheep production, the United States still imported percent of its lamb and mutton in Most of the million pounds of imported meat came from Australia and.

Sheep behavior. Behavior is defined as an animal's response to its environment. A basic understanding of sheep behavior will make raising and handling sheep less stressful for both the sheep and shepherd.

Sheep behavior
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