R12 cloning

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Cloning an Oracle E-Business Suite System

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EBS R12 Cloning

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Cloning in Oracle EBS R12

Apr 01,  · This post gives example of Cloning of EBS R running on OEL 6 64 bit using Rapid Clone. Feb 02,  · Re: R12 Cloning Hussein Sawwan-Oracle Feb 1, PM (in response to user) Search the application context file for the following and make sure all the context variables have no value (as shown below), then run AutoConfig.

Cloning is the act of creating an identical copy of an existing Oracle E-Business Suite system. The system to be cloned is referred to as the source system, and the newly created system is referred to as the target system. Simply copying the existing components to a new location will not provide a.

This can cause other ora alerts also such as: ora, ora, ora etc. Oracle Apps DBA R12 Interview Questions.

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Question. What do we have in FND_NODES? Answer: FND_NODES table contains information about node_names and services enabled on a node.

In multinode instance if you want to know which node is running what services, You can query the fnd_nodes and get that information. Since most DBA's are using rman for their backup strategy I thought I would put together the steps to clone from an rman backup.

The steps you follow are pretty much the same as described in Appendix A: Recreating the database control files manually in Rapid Clone in Note - Cloning Oracle Applications Release 12 with Rapid Clone.

Cloning of Oracle EBS R12: Step by Step Procedure – Part 2


R12 cloning
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ANJANI APPS DBA: R12 - Cloning from an RMAN backup using duplicate database