Pretrial detention

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What is Pretrial Detention?

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A person who is held on remand may be held as a prisoner in prison. To provide correctional and court services in support of the criminal justice systems for the counties of Clarke, Fauquier, Frederick, and the City of Winchester.

Pretrial detention refers to detaining of an accused person in a criminal case before the trial has taken place, either because of a failure to post bail or due to denial of release under a pre-trial detention statute.

How America's bail system traps poor people in jail. RULE PRETRIAL MOTIONS (a) In General. Every pretrial motion and pleading in response to a motion shall be in writing and signed by the party making the motion or the attorney for the party.

This requirement may be waived by the court for good cause shown.

From 'Menace to Society' to Law-Abiding Citizen

Each motion or other pleading shall state the. States provide most defendants the opportunity for release prior to trial. Pretrial detention is limited to only those charged with the most serious crimes and other specified circumstances such as violating conditions of, or committing a new crime while on pretrial release.

Pre Trial Detention Law and Legal Definition

Use this 50 state chart to learn how states are using pretrial detention .

Pretrial detention
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