Ocean water salinity at equator

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Conductivity, Salinity & Total Dissolved Solids

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Ocean current

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Thermohaline circulation

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Sea Surface Salinity. The heat of the sun also forces evaporation at the ocean's surface, which puts water vapor into the atmosphere but leaves minerals and salts behind, keeping the ocean salty. When fresh water is added for example by rivers, or precipitation, the salinity of the ocean will decrease.

That explains why some oceans are less salty than others Factors like the melting of ice, the inflow of river water, rain, snowfall, evaporation, wind, wave motion and currents affect the salinity. The conveyor belt in the ocean that circulates warm water at the surface (White) and deep cold water (Purple).

Credit: Jayne Doucette, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Earth's equator is. Ocean Temperatures. As one would expect, the further you travel from the Equator, the colder the ocean waters generally become.

The Climate System

Near the Equator, surface water temperatures can be as high as 80° Fahrenheit (27° Celsius). The following simulations come from the Ocean Sciences Sequence for Grades The Ocean-Atmosphere Connection and Climate hopebayboatdays.com simulation is part of a complete activity or series of activities on a particular topic within the curriculum sequence.

The properties of the sea water, productivity. Temperature The temperature of the surface of the Earth, the atmosphere, depends on a delicate balance between solar radiation from the sun and the Earth radiating it out back into space.

Ocean water salinity at equator
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