Maths portfolio misconceptions

Maths Portfolio Misconceptions

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This is why maths is so exciting and why talking about maths and having deep discussions is so important.

Maths Portfolio Misconceptions

One common maths fallacy that often crops up in the classroom is the idea that ‘multiplication makes bigger’. EA/Mathematics Portfolio Entry Directions This section contains the directions for developing each EA/Mathematics portfolio entry and assembling it for submission.

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Errors and Misconceptions Identifying and Understanding Gaps in Understanding At the start of my inquiry, I focused much of my data collection on gathering student work with evidence of misconceptions. Jun 02,  · Maths Portfolio. Menu About; Contact; Week 5. June 2, June 2, annalisemaths.

Develop a Mental Warm-Up that can be used in a Stage of your choice and that focuses on mental computation skills. Reflect on possible answers and misconceptions students might provide. Stage: Early stage one.

Topic: Mental computation- counting. Necsa Wins Award. Date: Receiving the award on behalf of Necsa Group CEO Mr Phumzile Tshelane, (from LtoR) Mr Danny Motlauthi, Ms Ntebatse Matube, Mr .

Maths portfolio misconceptions
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