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The Dawes Act

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Dawes Act of 1887

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Experts at Large, Vol. The biggest impact of the Dawes Act was a loss of indigenous cultures, tradition and land across the U.S. It did a number on our tribal communities and tried to pit our ancestors against each other. What Was the Dawes Act? The General Allotment Act ofknown commonly as the Dawes Act, was introduced by Henry Dawes, a Senator from Massachusetts.

Simply put, the Act broke up previous land. Printable Version. Dawes Act Digital History ID Date Annotation: In Congress declared that tribes were no longer separate, independent governments. It placed tribes under the guardianship of the federal government. The Dawes Act allotted reservation lands to.

The Dawes Act was named after its creator Senator Henry Dawes, from Massachusetts. The act was adopted by Congress in and is also known as the General Allotment Act and the. The law intended to assimilate Native Americans led to the loss of millions of acres of land.

The Dawes Act February 8, (U. S. Statutes at Large, Vol. XXIV, p. ff.) [Congressman Henry Dawes, author of the act, once expressed his faith in the civilizing power of private property.

The True Impact of the Dawes Act of 1887 Dawes act
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