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DNA as the genetic material

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Deoxyribonucleic acid

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The Biology/DNA Detail is divided into two units with two distinct areas of focus: the Casework Unit and the CODIS/Database Unit. The Casework Unit provides forensic DNA services to the southern Nevada community through the analysis of evidence associated with violent offenses, property crimes, and non-violent crimes.

DNA is necessary for the production of proteins, the regulation, metabolism, and reproduction of the cell. Deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA, is a biological macromolecule. DNA was known to be a long polymer composed of only four types of subunits, which resemble one another chemically.

Early in the s, DNA was first examined by x-ray diffraction analysis, a technique for determining the three-dimensional atomic structure of a molecule (discussed in Chapter 8).

Gene - a segment of DNA that codes for a protein, which in turn codes for a trait (skin tone, eye, a gene is a stretch of DNA. Replication is the process where DNA makes a copy of itself.

DNA sequencing

Why does DNA need to copy? Simple: Cells divide for an organism to grow or reproduce, every new cell. DNA Replication Cells do not live forever, and in light of this, they must pass their genetic information on to new cells, and be able to replicate the DNA to be passed on to offspring.

It is also required that fragments of DNA (genes) have to. For example, your DNA provides instructions for building and maintaining your unique body and can be passed on if you have children.

Learn more about the discovery, structure, and synthesis of this remarkable molecule.

Biology dna
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